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Blue Knight Windsor Chairs are a result of Bill Peck’s lifelong love of woodworking and fascination with Windsor chair history and craftsmanship. A master Windsor chairmaker since 1999, he earned this title after completing every course offered at The Windsor Institute in Hampton, New Hampshire. The Windsor Institute is the only place in the world dedicated to teaching Windsor chairmaking using traditional methods. It was here where Bill Peck worked and apprenticed under the guidance of Mike Dunbar – the nation’s premier Windsor chair craftsman.

Blue Knight Windsor Chairs are made in a small workshop in Ontario, New York using the same methods and tools as craftsmen three centuries ago. Filled with hand tools, the workshop is clean, quiet, and organized. It’s the type of environment where one would expect to find such solid and versatile chairs taking shape.

Blue Knight Windsor Chairs can be commissioned by anyone who desires genuine substance in their Windsor. These chairs are valued by antique dealers and history enthusiasts who wish to complement their collections with solid, authentic designs. These gracefully proportioned chairs are historically accurate, and are made from hard maple, Eastern White Pine, and Red Oak. True to tradition, each chair is secured with oak wedges, pegs, and glue.

Unlike mass-produced chairs, a hand-crafted Windsor will actually grow tighter and stronger over time. Bill Peck constructs his chairs with careful attention to each curve, every peg, and a thorough knowledge of the wood in his hands. He understands the complexity and individual nature that each Windsor brings to life. It’s a slow and careful process that reflects the attention to detail you can expect when you commission Blue Knight Windsor Chairs.

Blue Knight Windsor Chairs

Bill Peck, Master Chairmaker
7656 Shoreline Boulevard Ontario, NY 14519

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