Every chair is finished using old-fashioned milk paint. From deep, rich shades to light and airy tints, nearly any color in any hue can be achieved. Colors can also be layered to achieve a naturally aged look. If you want true Windsor tradition, choose a chair layered with green, red then black, mirroring color fashion through the centuries. And, milk paint is the smart choice. Unlike traditional paints that are filled with petrochemicals, solvents and harmful additives, milk paint is made from natural materials making it non-toxic and environmentally safe.

Please choose one of the following optional finishes for your chair:

This finish consists of two or three coats of milk paint hand-rubbed with steel wool after each application followed by two coats of oil. The result is a chair with a uniform coat of color. The standard application is included in the cost of the chair.


  • This finish uses contrasting colors with wear areas rubbed through for a naturally-aged patina.
  • Two contrasting colors: Add $50.00 to cost of chair.
  • Three contrasting colors: Add $75.00 to cost of chair.

In the blond or unfinished ready for painting. Deduct $50.00 from the cost of your chair.

Blue Knight Windsor Chairs

Bill Peck, Master Chairmaker
7656 Shoreline Boulevard Ontario, NY 14519

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